Moda All Stars Cakewalk - Layer Cake book

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A baker's dozen of your favorite designers from Moda Fabric have stitched up recipes for 13 delightful quilts. Sure to satisfy, the alluring quilts in Cakewalk will show you how to take the best advantage of Layer Cake bundles (packs of 42 precut 10" squares in varying prints).

My quilt, Scissor Happy, was sewn using Moda Layer Cake Home.  Although this particular Layer Cake may be hard to find now, my upcoming fabric line, Maryland, uses the same colors with different designs - a perfect fit!  Maryland Layer Cake is short 1 black piece from what the directions call for, but there is still enough to create this quilt.

Maryland will be shipping to stores in February 2021.  Ask your local quilt shop if they have ordered it!

Designer royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Feed The Children.